What Kind of Traveller Are You According to Your Horoscope

Aries Horoscope


You would make an excellent contributor to travel blogs because once you’ve decided – usually at the spur of the moment – where your next destination is going to be, you’ll immediately glue yourself in front of the computer screen to gather as much information available from every single website and travel blog you . It’s not the cultural and historical monuments that interest you as much as the small quirky shop tucked away in a side street because it sells paintings made of Fruit Loops and coffee beans. You are, by no means, the typical traveller who likes to get up bright and early in the morning hyped to see as many sights and museums possible, before the battery of your expensive SLR camera runs out. You like to go on your own pace. One might find you having coffee with the locals and you may even pretend to read the local newspaper just so you can conjoin with the atmosphere and feel somewhat local.  Scavenging for unique souvenirs is somewhat a fetish, you love to proudly showcase travel memorabilia to your friends, a gentle reminder to them of your travel bug. 

You make an excellent travelling companion because you hardly ever stick to your budget, you are adventurous and rarely ever complain.

Ideal travel destinations: Peru, Mongolia, South Africa

Taurus Horoscope


You love to travel. Fact.  However you don’t like to do so too often as you dislike being away from the comforts of your beautiful yet obsessively clean home for too long. Usually you plan your trip at least 4 months ahead, as it gives you enough – ok, barely enough – time to whip up a suitable wardrobe for the trip. Whether you are planning to explore the mosquito-infested rainforest of Micronesia, it is imperative that you come out of your 25m2 tent looking prim and fabulous. On the other hand, you are extremely practical travellers who are prepared for anything that may come your way. In your bag, you carry Malaria pills, Ibuprofen or an illustrated book of the Maritime Signal Flags. You probably met your best friend during one of your travels because the truth be told, you are not one to shy away from chatting to absolute strangers and getting to know their family history just as they were standing next to you in Starbucks.

Your lively personality, fearless attitude and love of luxury are why your friends choose you as their travelling companion.

Ideal travel destinations: Dubai, Vietnam, London

Gemini Horoscope


There’s plenty one can say about Gemini, the traveller. The less planning you do for a trip, the more fun you believe you will have. Most often than not, you love to take 4-day trips simply because you can’t stay away from your work for too long. Otherwise, you feel you’ll lose your momentum. Overall, you prefer to visit one of the many friends you have scattered around the world and whilst you’re there you’ll always make time to paraglide off the Grand Canyon or kite surf along the Australian coral reef. It’s hard for someone to keep up with you because you are not one to lie on a beach all day listening to your favourite podcasts while envisioning the cocktails you’ll be having later on. If you fall in love with a place,  you’ll walk in the first Real Estate Agency you find to ask them about price, yield and taxation in the property market.

You are spontaneous and adventurous. Although these are amazing traits to have, they may also become the driving force behind your next relocation. Well, until you find the next place that matches your hungry curiosity and your obsessiveness for the ‘next best thing’.

Ideal travel destinations: New York, Oslo, Bimini

Cancer horoscope


When travelling, nothing relaxes you more than sitting by the window on the plane, to access the best view of the world from above, a good restaurant that serves quality food at a decent price, chocolate, the knowledge that your hotel is located in a safe area, to have top of the notch travel insurance and…have I mentioned chocolate? You like to carry a small carry-on filled solely with travel guides that you have indexed and highlighted  all the places and sights that interest you, leaving no stone – Rosetta stone, even – unturned. Learning the historical importance of the various sights is important to you, after all, you have always been a hobby historian – your secret crush on your history teacher may have had something to do with it.

Anyone fortunate enough to travel with you will learn more than their brain cells can handle and will certainly feel secure by the way you control and plan your trip.

Ideal travel destinations: Kenya, Philippines, Paris

Leo Horoscope


The first thing to do when you arrive someplace is to ask recommendations for the best restaurant in search of  local delicacies. After all, you’d rather experience different cultures through their cuisine. Being a gastronomy connoisseur your senses are triggered by the smell, taste, and sight of food and wine. You love the luxurious things in life , even when you find yourself in the middle of the desert in a Bedouin camp, you make sure to bring with you your favourite bottle of Chianti and top quality Jamon from Spain. Romantic and historically important places are your favourite destinations because they bring out the softer side in you. Being such a dynamic horoscope you rarely let your guard down but when you are in a romantic, scenic place, you are at your most relaxed state. You love to meet new people, not necessarily because you want to make new friends but because you are curious and fascinated by their stories and their culture. They may also have some insider tips to share. Those are priceless.

In general, you prefer to travel alone as you are very particular about what you want to do and when you want to do it. You plan everything to the T and you like to stick to it.

Ideal travel destinations: Mauritius, Singapore, Barcelona

Virgo Horoscope


Unless you have a friend who has a house in Bali and has invited you to stay with them, you wouldn’t choose to go there. Not that there is anything wrong with Bali, it’s just that getting out of your comfort zone by taking a plane – especially as you are a nervous flyer – to stay in a hotel that most probably looks nothing like the picture on the website and getting an unwanted bout of gastroenteritis, is not your cup of…anything. New and unexplored territories bring out the pessimist in you, not that you can help it, it’s just that your over analytical mind is on overdrive and will not allow you to relax and enjoy your surroundings. . Which is why you opt to travel to places where you have someone to visit, to show you around, recommend you the right restaurant and take you to the trendy bars.

As soon as you manage to ‘get out of your head’ when you’re in new surroundings, that’s when you can finally say to yourself “I should do this more often. How about Malta next month?”

Ideal travel destinations: Cuba, Malta, Tokyo

Libra horoscope


Ah, the free-spirited and fun-loving Libra. You do as much travelling as a Nomadic tribe. You are ready to pick up and go at any time, you have even mastered the art of “travelling light, something believed to be an urban myth among the women of this world. Your travel companion is seldom  just one person (or the same person), it’s usually a group of your closest craziest friends who’ll follow you anywhere because they are guaranteed to have a great time, filled with funny anecdotes and unique experiences from the Mardi Gras, to the Carnival of Rio. Wherever you may go you most probably have fallen in love with another kindred soul, who shares the same passions as you, goes free-climbing and bungee jumping but still has time to shave and look good.

Your bookshelves are full of cooking books bought from every country you’ve been to or lived in because it’s no secret that you love to cook for your friends and family. You are a fun and carefree travelling companion who seeks love and adventures abroad.

Ideal travel destinations: New Orleans, Brazil, Copenhagen

Scorpio Horoscope


You love packing. It’s your secret vice especially since you are so darn good at it. Upon opening your suitcase one will notice how meticulously you’ve folded the clothes. How impressively laid out are your scarves, socks, underwear and placed according to colour and size. The fact that you are such a good packer shows what an organised traveller you are. When you travel international you want to explore as many corners of the city as possible, take as many photos as you can, get inspired by the local Art Museums and drink coffee in various small local coffee places.

You get bored quite easily and you miss the comfort of your own home which either makes you want to fill up your days with more sightseeing or activities or you end up hopping from one bar to the other because your travelling companion wishes to loosen you up with drinks so you can go back to being a happy camper.

Ideal travel destinations: Prague, Burma, Sydney

Sagittarius horoscope


If only you can see yourself before you are about to embark on a journey, whether it is shopping in Milan or going to an Ayurveda retreat in India. There is a bedsheet of a map in front of you, a couple of markers laid on top and an iPad right next to them. You need a map of the continent you are going to because let’s face it you never stay in one place for too long. You hop from one city and/or one island to the other, filling up your day with extreme sports and crazy activities that no one else can keep up with. You get bored easily even when it comes to love. You tend to fall in love in the blink of an eye and you are easily attracted to people from other cultures, maybe you use that as an excuse to go visit that place again.

Whatever the reason may be, you never travel with a purpose.  If you feel like One Sunday morning you may  logged in to lastminute.com and book yourself a trip, just like that.

Ideal travel destinations: India, Greece, Patagonia

Capricorn Horoscope


Can you leave your work long enough in order for you to go travelling without stressing that you’re leaving everything behind to crumble into ruins? The answer is no. Travelling for you is more of a necessity than anything else and by necessity I mean, someone else has made you go such as a spouse, sibling or a friend. Getting you all excited about a trip is quite the task because you are a natural-born control freak and workaholic. However, as soon as you arrive at your destination you will make the best of it. You’ll sip in the scenery, the sights, the sounds, even a few G&T’s and will happily follow the lead of your travelling companions.

Deep down you enjoy travelling and spending time away from home base, it’s just that you need a partner who will organise everything for you, tickets, hotel, car hire, even sort out the renewal of your passport because time is of utmost essence for you and you’d rather spend it on being uber productive and making money along the way.

Ideal travel destinations: Sicily, Washington, St. Petersburg

Aquarius horoscope


This could have been a one-sentence description of what kind of traveller you are, fellow Aquarian. Simply put, you can’t get enough of it! You enjoy a luxury holiday in a beautiful resort in Sharm El-Sheik in November as much as a backpacking trip across Latin America in February. You are adventurous and curious about the seven wonders of the world. Could it be that the Great Pyramids of Egypt were designed and built by reptilian Aliens? Anything is possible in your imagination. You feel that the world is your playground and you won’t rest unless you’ve seen as much of the world as your budget and your boss will allow. At a dinner table, you’re the one who dominates the conversation by sharing your travelling experiences and the wonderful insights you’ve gained from them. Many a time, your humour has helped you overcome the various mishaps which usually happens to you when you are travelling.

Yes, dear Aquarius you are the Mr. Bean of the zodiac, which is why you have so many funny anecdotes to share upon your return.

Ideal travel destinations: Zanzibar, New Zealand, Cambodia

Pisces horoscope


What would mostly characterise you as a traveller is that you tend to migrate to warmer climates. Just like a cat who would rather cross the street to avoid a tiny puddle, you are not one who would particularly enjoy an Arctic cruise or shopping in New York during the month of January, for that matter. When the time comes for you to pack and go, it’s usually in search for the best beach, the best Spa or the best island. Your secret dream is to become a surf dudette, living by the beach and parading in a sarong and Havaiana flip flops all day. What’s the point in going anywhere unless it’s sunnier, warmer and has better cocktails than the place you live in at the moment, right?

You are quite laid back by nature which makes you such an easy and fun travelling companion for anyone who comes with you to any part of Southern hemisphere, as long it’s a shark-free zone.

Ideal travel destinations: Seychelles, Mexico, Morocco 

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