Weight Busters | Superfoods

By  SoCoco’s Nutritionist Eleni Koui 

Summer holidays are mostly over and they were packed with fun times, relaxing moments, new experiences and..at least in my case a bit of extra food pleasures!

Meals by the seaside followed by yummy cocktails and all this sitting and relaxing anywhere possible meant that some of us need to get organised and ask nature for some help now we are back in town!

Small changes in our routine and more of what nature has to offer will do the trick.

So, here’s what I have to suggest:

  • Keep to your three main meals per day: Breakfast- Lunch – Dinner. It doesn’t matter if they are small we need to keep burning energy. Remember between lunch and dinner one of them is the main meal of the day!
  • Every lunch and dinner should include your favourite salad or vegetables. Make a note, extra cappers in those salads can regulate your blood sugar levels better hence your metabolism.
  • Forget, at last for a while, red meat. Have your protein intake from pulses, fish and white meat and cook those with some extra saffron! Oh, the taste will be unbelievable and it helps against those cravings and the constant snacking.
  • Snacking in between meals and super foods! Almonds, black raisins, goggi berries, pomegranate, pistachios all are amazing in small portions (30-40gr) and mainly unsalted! Make the snacking happen in 3-hourly intervals and never earlier. You can even blend them altogether and add a scoop of yogurt! Extra calcium boosts metabolism!
Snack away! Eat often and use the superfoods that nature has on offer.

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