Vienna’s Best Bars | 2016

With the coming of year end,  the Falstaff spirit guide community has elected the best bars in Austria.  Some of the bars on the list have been my favourites for a while now and have well-deserved the vote as top in the Country.  I hereby present you the winners!

Tür 7 

Opened its door (# 7)  in December 2014. This boutique cocktail bar is the refined result of the amazing dream team of GeriKozbach-Tsai (co-founder of the Vienna Bar Community), Glenn Estrada (Lutz bar) and World Class 2014 finalist, Reinhard “Reini” Pohorec . Despite its low-key location, Tür 7‘s suave design and its celestial menu of 7 suggested cocktails are what attributed to making it a  winning favourite.

Buchfeldgasse 7, 1080 Wien



The Bank Bar

The grandeur of The Bank Bar can only hint as to the building’s affluent history.  As the name suggests, this was once a place where bank cashiers counted money. The cashiers have now been replaced by the city’s top mixologists who mix clean and creative signature drinks. Some of the most refined and reserved spirits are also on offer for the connoisseurs of eclectic spirits.

Bognergasse 4, 1010 Vienna


Albertina Passage

When Albertina Passage opened in December 2011, the Viennese bar and entertainment scene took a completely different direction. This former pedestrian subway was designed to the essence of New York and London members-only clubs except that Albertina offers a four-seasonal experience of fine dining, live stage, cigar bar and club/ dance.

Opernring 4/1/12, 1010 Wien



As the proverb goes “good things come in small packages” and Kleinod is one small bar packed with an impressively large collection of reserves and whiskeys hidden in the heart of the inner city.  If you appreciate a good yet rare to find whiskey such as Hibiki the Japanese blended whiskey, then look no further because you are in single malt heaven. This place gets packed which is yet another indication of its growing popularity so best you go in early or call in to make a reservation.

Singerstraße 7 (Top 48-50), 1010 Wien 

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