The Hippest Hotels in Athens

Greece is mostly known and loved by its visitors, for its cultural heritage, fresh mediterranean cuisine and its beautiful islands. Once you visit this breathtaking Country you soon realise that there are so many more places to explore and so much history to familiarise with. However,  what makes a trip to Greece worthwhile  is a visit to its magical and cultural capital, Athens. The City offers  everything from cocktail bars with the greatest varied collection of Rum in Europe to coffee shops that pride to offer cappuccinos and Antocinno’s made by their  hipster and highly trained trained baristas to high-end gourmet restaurants and museums. For the visitors however, the true Athenian experience starts from the hotel. I have selected some of my favourite hip, boutique and fresh hotels in Athens, so next time you are in the City you may opt to stay in one of them.

The Margi

This stylish hotel is located in Athen’s Riviera and in a very exclusive neighbourhood. There’s always a hip and posh crowd hanging around the swimming pool and wet bar during the day and at night the area around the pool is decorated by candles and lanterns for a quiet romantic start to your evening.


For more information visit The Margi’s website.

Fresh Hotel 

In the heart of Athens, Fresh Hotel is a stylish, boutique hotel with pop design elements, clean lines and very loud colours. The rooms are inspiringly playful as opposed to  the Air Lounge roof bar  which stands out as  flirty with its superb view of Athens.


For more information visit Fresh Hotel’s website.


Grecotel Pallas Athena

In this  quirky Athenian boutique art hotel, each room is different  as it is decorated with a different artistic style. The entire hotel oozes a surrealistic and pop artistic flair, deemed inviting even for the more classical tastes.


For more information visit Grecotel Pallas Athena’s website.


Semiramis is the superior artistic result of  Greek patron Dakis Joannou and famed industrial designer Karim Rashid. This hotel is bright, bold and curvaceous in all the right places. Located in the wealthy northern suburbs of Athens, the swimming pool and bar lounge area is a favourite among the 30-something crowd of the Northern Suburbs.



For more information visit Semiramis’ website.



AthensWas is set at the heart of Athens facing the monumental Acropolis. The hotel is designed to bring together it’s minimalist lines by use of natural materials with classical modernism. A wonderful reminder of Greece’s history but at the same time it provides a luxurious scope of contemporary Greek life.The hotel’s restaurant which is on the roof  and has a magnificent view of the Acropolis.



For more information visit AthensWas’ website.

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