The Cutest Cafes in Vienna


Part of Vienna’s charm is the charming cute little cafes scattered around the City. Given that I’m an avid coffee drinker and have most of my meetings in cafes, I have made up a list -in order of preference- of  my favourite cute little cafes in Vienna.

Cafe Himmelblau

Situated at Kutschkermarkt in Währing, this is a small, cozy, lighthearted cafe with an uber friendly staff and an impressive selection of caloric sins  sneakily disguised in mouthwatering cakes. What I love about Cafe Himmelblau is its character, good coffee and the fact that this can an ideal place to meet a friend, work or study anytime of day as they also serve light meals such as soups, sandwiches and salads.

Kutschkergasse 36, 1180 Wien


Pure Living Bakery

As  you enter one of the two Pure Living Bakery, it is like stepping in a world of sunshine, beaches, rustic New York charm and jars of chocolate chip cookies all mushed together to create a harmonious and playful environment. A note to the coffee lovers out there, the coffee at PLB is brewed to perfection.

Downtown: Burgasse 68, 1070 Wien | Village: Altgasse 12, 1120 Wien


Ulmann’s Zuckerbäckerei

Ulmann’s Zuckerbäckerei  has been a family owned bakery for over 40 years, maintaining for all these years their top quality baking traditions whilst priding for their cake decorating skills. In 2o13, they opened the Ullmann’s Cafe in the up and coming 2nd district to serve the fresh and hip local and surrounding district’s crowd. The space is open, bright and vivaciously warm and can be a perfect choice for coffee and cake with friends or for a fulfilling breakfast to start your weekend.

Walcherstraße 11A , 1020 Wien


Budapest Bistro

For a taste of Hungarian breakfast, great coffee and fresh sandwiches, Budapest Bistro is where you should head to. A small yet all-rounded cafe opened in the heart of Margareten a few years ago and it has been the district’s favourite cafe and hang out place ever since. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is easy going and it makes a great location for sitting and watching people walk by on the busy Pilgramgasse.

Pilgramgasse 10, 1050 Wien

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  1. great list – the pure living bakery is also one of my favourites, looking forward to go back there (:

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