Sunshine Reggae

After a string of cold, wet and grey weekends in the City, finally the sun decided to honour us with her presence and what better way to make the best of the warm spring weather than to be outdoors. Tulln is a short 45 minute drive (43 kilometres) from Vienna and it has one of my favourite places in Niederösterreich. The Tulln Gardens.

What I love about this place is that they’ve designed it to make you feel as if you are in your own – well kept-  garden. There are hammocks, chairs, stools, wooden tables, sand pits, plants, flower pots, bee hives, …anything, anyone could imagine they would love to have in the garden. You can lie in a hammock and read your book . You can have ice cream while sitting with your friends or partner on one of the seating areas in one of the gardens. It is a magical place and adults enjoy it just as much as the children do.

Die Garten Tulln


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