Sigi Ikthios (Σιγή Ιχθύος) | Paros

When you visit a Greek island, you are most likely to obsess over the gastronomical experiences each and every one of Greece’s unique islands has to offer. Especially the inhabitants of  some of the smaller islands dotted in the Aegean Sea,  they have been using all of nature’s resources and local produce to create intricate yet simple dishes that burst into  a rave of flavours to provoke the ever challenged au courant taste buds.

Wherever I travel to, I make sure I get to know the place’s culture through touch and taste.  In the future it’s what you have felt and what you have tasted in your past that you reminisce, not what you have seen.  I love to eat fresh fish and sea food,  so when I come to Greece I make sure I eat in the few places I know they maintain  a stable quality and value throughout the years were I trust their fish is fresh and cooked to perfection. One of these restaurants is in Paros and it’s called Sigi Ikthios (roughly translated as – quiet as a fish-, which in Greek it’s an expression used when saying that something or someone is keeping dead silent).

Owned by self made Chef and entrepreneur Yiannis Zoumis, Sigi Ikthios first opened its doors in 2004. Yianni’s inquisitive nature, love for exotic travels and passion for oriental cuisine and spices led him to open a small restaurant right by the small fishing harbour of Naoussa (also known as limanaki) . Ever since, this small restaurant has gained a growing fan base of regular customers and devoted epicures all due to Yianni’s unique style of cooking by using oriental spices and using French  cuisine methods for grilling fish (such as Yellow fin tuna, white grouper, golden grouper and common dentex). I thoroughly enjoy the non-chalant busy atmosphere of the fishing harbour at night whilst sitting at one of the restaurant’s tables looking out to the little fishing boats, that only a few hours ago brought in from the plum Aegean waters tangled in a fishing net, the meal on my plate.

My favourite dishes and the ones I indulge in usually are the tuna based ones, such as :

Rare grilled yellowfin tuna garnished with soy sauce, lemon and olive oil, served with vegetables.

Tuna tartar made with avocado, vegetables and flying gurnard eggs, marinated in wassabi and flying gurnard eggs dipped in a cherry dressing.

Yellowfin Tuna Carpaccio  marinated in lemon and olive oil.


SIGI IKTHIOS | Naoussa Port (Limanaki), Paros -Greece

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