Say it with a…Cake

We recently celebrated Leon, my son’s 2nd birthday and this milestone was welcomed with a party that had everything a party requires in order for it to be successful. There were balloons, toys, an entertainer, a mocktail stand (the children made their own mocktails), disco music, lighting , wine for the parents and indubitably the limelight piece of any birthday party… the cake.

Two years ago, during my quest to find a good pastry shop in Vienna that would deliver a cake that not only looks nice but tastes good too, to my disappointment I realised that a sugar pasted decorated cake may end up costing me more than the party itself. Nonetheless, by asking around and by following various ex-pat Facebook groups, I came across a wonderfully talented baker and cake decorator called Manuela Milos. Ever since, she’s been making my children’s’ cakes and they have been the centrepieces of our parties. I have friends who have commissioned Manuela to make their cakes whether they’re for a birthday, a baby shower or celebrating a promotion.

Manuela is a Certified master cake decorator at and she has been decorating cakes for the last 6 years. A new chapter is starting for her as in a month’s time she will start working at as a cake decorator instructor.


“After finishing my studies, I worked several years as an assistant in various corporations, as well as Clinical Data Associate for the pharma corporation. In 2010, I decided to leave all this and pursue what I always liked and never stopped missing throughout all these years, creative work.  I wanted to make something that would not just collect dust on a shelf but something that would allow me to be creative, it would have a purpose, bring joy, and could be used.

Cake decorating is a constant learning curve but it is great knowing you have a chance to make someone happy with what you do and that you are taking a little part in creating their positive memories.”

To see more of Manuela’s creations and if you wish to contact her, visit her Facebook page.


Click on link for some photos from Leon’s party venue.

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  1. The cakes are beautiful! Love the topsy turvy one!

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