Rinderwahn | Vienna

With the uprising trend of street food, Vienna has seen a spring of street food restaurants (especially those priding in their burger mastery) that work hard to intermediate between quality and taste. In the past 3 years, Vienna’s wave of post-modern, post-instagram food culture has introduced the schnitzel-loving culture the unpretentious, tastefully rich and somewhat inexpensive world of street food.

Rinderwahn means mad cow disease in English and this is certainly one “disease” every self-respecting burger lover – in Vienna – should be exposed to! Since I came to live in Vienna 6 years ago, my eternal quest for the freshest, juiciest beef burger was  met by dry, overcooked excuses of a burger until I tried Rinderwahn. The restaurant in itself may at first seem that it’s trying a little too much to find its place in the 1st district’s vibe and walk-in clientele, due to large space, decor and formal-ish yet friendly service but as soon as you try their burgers you will realise it’s more that what you see,  they actually know what they’re doing!

Their burgers are juicy, grilled to perfection with a very clean taste of beef as they use 100% Austrian beef from 3 different cuts . A rather pleasant addition and surprise is the Rinderwahn pulled pork burger that comes with a generous portion of hand-cut french fries adding to every foodie’s and street food lover’s.

Rinderwahn certainly knows how to make great burgers and like any self-respecting master of a craft, they don’t have to use bells and whistles to advertise their food because their burgers speak for themselves.


RINDERWAHN | Weihburggasse 3, 1010 Wien


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