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Mixology is a term which has emerged in recent years and is being used more often to describe the science and art behind drink mixing. Anyone can become a bartender as long as they can make a decent margarita, piña colada, screwdriver or daiquiris. A mixologist on the other hand can reinvent a daiquiri by adding a splash of ginger and a drop of olive oil to take a cocktail up to a higher level all together. Mixology is indeed a science because various spirits and ingredients react differently when mixed together. But, how can you create an amazing Boulevardier drink if you don’t know that vermouth needs air when mixing, to get its aroma and the most out of the spirit.  Therefore you must pour it in your shaker from  a distance. 

Yesterday, I met with one of Vienna’s top mixologists, Isabella Lombardo, at ART Dinner Club where she is bartending,  to talk about the bar scene in Vienna. and  how mixology  is now emerging from Vienna’s night scene. Isabella, who is also a fan of my blog, created a Cocktail called SoCoco which will now be served exclusively at ART ! For the recipe of SoCoco click here.

Mixology is the art of mixing the drinks. It is also knowing the history and background of the products you use and being able to create new flavours and inventing new drinks by combining knowledge and products. I became a mixologist, practically by accident. Near the place I used to work in as a waitress, was the  First Austrian Bartending School , so when I decided I wanted to explore something new, I enrolled. When I didn’t pass the final exams I decided to participate in a bartending competition and when I qualified to the finals, I decided to take this job more seriously. I studied and practiced in my own free time to improve my skills. I ended up participating in the biggest competition  called World Class and this really boosted my confidence and bartending career.”

There are more and more mixologists from Austria taking part in the competition and this just shows that the Viennese bar scene is catching up with Cities such as hip and  bustling Frankfurt were there is an abundance of trendy bars and clubs to choose from. Some of the best Cocktails and drinks in Vienna can be found in Albertina Passage, The BankRoberto American Bar and Kleinod.

| If you want to try SoCoco the drink, swing by ART any night and ask Isabella or anyone else  serving you to make it for you! Let me know what you think of it, either on Facebook or by leaving a comment on here|

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