MAAN Islandwear | Greece

In recent years during very challenging times for Greece, there has been a wave of young creative blood that emerged from the shadows of the Greek economic crisis.  One can almost  say they are part of the millennial creative  renaissance. It is particularly interesting to follow the progress of many such Greek fashion designers as they catch national and international attention  with their unique approach to fashion, splashing  classical and traditional Greek elements to modern designs that scream “wear me” to any self-respected fashionista.

One of these upcoming fashion labels is MAAN and I jumped to the opportunity to meet up with the designer – whom I happen to go to school with and share wonderful memories with  –  behind the label Marilena Andreadis at her adopted Greek Island, Antiparos. We met at the small but filled with Greek fashion treasures  boutique shop Zali.  It is one of the selected few boutique shops among the popular Greek islands that sells Marilena’s creations. Zali was the perfect backdrop to meeting up and  taking plenty of photos of  her ss16 collection.  There has been quite the buzz around MAAN on various Social Media platforms and in the press, which is why  I wanted to see the collection in person and talk to Marilena about her label and her well-deserved success.

Having studied Textile Design at the prominent Central St. Martins College in London, Marilena worked in fashion for many years before deciding to embrace her  initial passion which is patterning her own designs and creating unique self-patterned clothing. MAAN Islandwear was established soon thereafter, in 2014.

“There is a new generation of Greek designers that  studied fashion and design and expresses itself through fashion. Due to the recession and the capital controls, importing clothes, fashion items and anything else from abroad has become  extremely hard, which is why this new generation of designers has turned what seemed like an obstacle into a  newfound opportunity to resource local production facilities and use indigenous materials to establish themselves first and foremost in the Greek market and then to International fashion industry .” 

Marilena’s inspiration is  life at the Greek islands  and it is  apparent that her swimwear and beachwear  represent the  Greek island summer vibe in the most fitting way (pun intended) by creating beautiful unique pieces made with sunshine and love.


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