M4 – My Many Married Men

A few short months ago, I was honoured to be invited to the world premiere of the short Indie film “M4 – My Many Married Men” which was held here in Vienna at Top Kino (Rahlgasse 1, 1060). I was very excited to be handed the opportunity to watch this amusing romantic comedy  and to support my friend Saman Giraud  who not only plays the leading role Valerie in the film, she is also the writer, co-director (co-director with James St.Vincent) and co-producer (co-producer with Ashleigh Snead). She is also the main person behind the marketing of the film, a painstaking job as it takes perseverance  and patience to get a short Indie film, noticed among a plethora of ambitious young filmmakers. Nevertheless, her talent and auteurism prevailed as two weeks ago  “M4 – My Many Married Men” won the Awardeo Award by the Awardeo Company which recognises and awards the best filmmakers on Vimeo.

The Story

“M4 – My Many Married Men” is a look at modern love and the relationship struggles of a young French painter called Valerie, in finding romance and love in a bustling New York City.  During her quest in finding love we go with her on a dating journey of meeting and falling in love  with four different men, all of whom admit to her that they are married.

Saman Giraud (Writer, Director, Valerie )is an actress, writer and singer. She was born in Vienna, Austria to Iranian parents and grew up trilingual. She spent the majority of her childhood living in her parent’s art gallery where she was surrounded by art and music. She studied Theater and Film Sciences at the University of Vienna while working on the side as a flight attendant for private jets. She moved to New York in 2007 to attend the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute of New York.

Giraud has worked on several independent films, music videos and played a small role with John Malkovich under the direction of Raoul Ruiz on the set of Klimt. An accident in 2009 rendered her unable to work as an actor for nearly two years, which prompted her move to writing. “M4  – My Many Married Men” is her first creative step back to life and the screen.

To watch the full film click here

Photo credits: Alexo Wandael & Kaveh Sardari



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