Ink, Co.

Have you been inked? If you haven’t yet, I can tell you for certain, it’s never too late to ink your skin with a beautiful design that either stands as a symbol for something important to you, covers a birth mark or a scar,  or simply  decorates your body because you just love tattoos! I always wanted to have a tattoo (or two, or three) . When I was in my 20’s having a tattoo was seen as taboo and it certainly was not something young girls from upper-middle class families had on them, no matter how wild and party-going they were. Nonetheless, I always admired them on others and always knew that someday I would have one done.

So, last December just before the coming of the new year, I had my first -and second- tattoo! A hummingbird in  watercolour effect, splashed in beautiful pastel colours. I LOVE IT! It’s like a work of art.

I particularly enjoy it when random people stop me to ask me if the tattoo is real. There is no particular reasoning on why I chose to decorate my back with a hummingbird except that I loved the design.

One year on and I’m about to have my third tattoo inked on my rib area. This one has a very strong meaning for me and is very close to my heart, because this one is dedicated to my beloved grandmother who I greatly miss, since her passing 16 years ago.

I will post photos and more about the meaning of the tattoo in the next few days. So, keep an eye on Instagram for the latest SoCoco Tattoo.

Tattoo Artist : Kuro





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