How Not to Gain Weight when Traveling

By  SoCoco’s Nutritionist Eleni Koui 

We constantly move these days whether it’s for business or pleasure, alone or with company, travelling is part of our routine! And that’s where the problem begins; How to adapt to new routines while on the road.

Sometimes I don’t know what it is, but there’s something in my brain that tells me, ‘Oh I am travelling, time to indulge!’

Part is due to the fact that if travel times are messy they will mess up our appetite and we’ll end up eating breakfast at 11 pm and snacking in the middle of the night.  Plane food or restaurant and hotel meals are always richer in calories and we can never be sure about the cooking methods used. With me, it’s also the excitement I get from tasting local foods and dishes at the new destination.

So, we need and ought to be more careful with our food and drink choices while on the road. After all if it is for holidays we all worked hard to look our best. Don’t ruin it when you get there!

Focus on these few goals while traveling: Maximizing healthy protein consumption, limiting liquid calories, eating vegetables,  keep to at least three meals and keep walking.

Protein can be incredibly filling.  Make sure every meal has a protein source in a reasonable portion of course.  This is much preferred to just eating carbohydrates and salad.

Limit liquid calories.  That is mainly alcohol and sweet drinks like fruit juices. Alcohol and sugar are empty calories with no nutritional value whatsoever. When travelling to the Emirates and India I remember it was really difficult to find an unsweetened fruit juice or have my tea offered without a jar of glucose syrup.

Eating vegetables. The exotic ones even! Any source of fiber in your diet will keep your hunger at bay for longer. Steal some of those fruits from the breakfast buffet and you will be good to go till the next meal.

Last but not least, all that commuting and sightseeing and shopping means you are moving and burning the energy you get from your food.

Aim to enjoy your time travelling, taste new food and maintain your weight!

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  1. SOPHSAYS says:

    This post is perfect! I’m always training for when I go on my travels but when I’m actually travelling, my results seem to fade quickly! Thanks for the tips.

    Soph xx

    1. Coco says:

      Thank you Soph, glad you found the article insightful. I know all too well, how hard it is to keep fit when travelling. Happy travels! xx

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