Dressed to the Tees


Mauritius is a small volcanic island in the Indian Ocean which is surrounded by coral reefs and beautiful turquoise waters, has beautiful sandy coastal lines and it prides for its luxurious resorts. For the holidaymakers who visit Mauritius, the island is a holiday paradise and during their stay they discover that the “jewel of the Indian Ocean” – as it  is known-  is also a shopping haven for sarongs, jewellery, hand crafts and clothes. Besides the booming tourism industry and sugar production (cultivated in 85% of the arable land), the island has become known worldwide for its quality textile manufacture with the help of huge designer labels such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Hugo Boss who have chosen to manufacture parts of their clothing lines in Mauritius.

The textile industry has significantly boosted the economy of Mauritius and has helped create many jobs and opportunities. Additionally, it has sprinkled inspiration to the creative Mauritian youth and has opened doors for them to explore their talents and ideas. Currently, there is a surge of young fresh blood of fashion designers who are making an impact in the industry both at home and in Europe. One of these up-and -coming Mauritian designers is dèvid. He designs Think Tees which are unique intricate black ink tattoo style designs on cotton white T-shirts. There is a naturalistic mystical element in his style but at the same time his designs emanate the tropicality of Mauritius.

“I’ve always been interested in art and evasion in general. I’ve been drawing since I was a child. My interest for art led me to graphic design studies in Montpellier, France. During my studies I learned a lot about myself and my art. I’m now an artist and freelance graphic designer in Mauritius.

Nature, mysticism and spiritual things inspire me. I love to explore ancient beliefs and revisit them, such as idols, demons or Gods, to show our world the things that surrounds us everyday with a mystical eye. ”  –  dèvid, 2016

Dèvid’s Think Tees have been worn and photographed in many parts of the world as seen on his Instagram account @devid. think. Mauritian fashion design at large!


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