ChuChu | Vienna

A fresh new gastronomic addition to the effervescent Viennese food and drinks culture has emerged in the bustling 1st district, to satisfy any foodie’s – such as myself -inquiring taste. ChuChu  (which is the Latin American nickname for ‘Jesús’) opened a little over a month ago and it has made its debut under the well-known star chef from Venezuela, Cathy Lemoine’s explosive creations. Instrumental in implanting Catherine Lemoine’s dishes is executive chef Christopher Uxa (specialising in Meats), his fusion of  Latin American and Asian spices and pallet on meat garnished with exotic yet familiar spices such as coriander, tamarind and soy result to a mouthwatering experience. 

The restaurant in itself is cozy in its earthy colours, minimal decor,  green imposing chesterfield sofas and unpretentious atmosphere. The focal point of the place, however, is a huge Klimt-esque feminine painting which blends in as part of the entrance wall with its surrounding splashes of pal and metallic paint. Sotero “Soti” Rodriguez, the owner of ChuChu and self-proclaimed foodie, explained to me that this was the work of Vienna-based artist Bella Volen and what she wanted to create was a piece which would express Austrian culture (hence the Gustav Klimt reference) with the Latin American influence. Below, you can find a time lapse video of how the painting was made, which took about 3 weeks. 

All aboard the ChuChu train, not only was I impressed by the food, the exceptional service, and art at ChuChu,  I was also rather seduced by the selection of specially created signature cocktails with Latin twists by Bar-Chef Manuel Nuñez Ramirez. This is after all the next best thing of meeting points in Vienna’s central district.


CHUCHU | Wipplingerstraße 21, 1010 Vienna

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