Authentic Sushi 寿司| Vienna

Vienna is a small city with big ambitions. With a rich history, imprinted in its buildings, culture and traditional outlets, Vienna is best known for being a cultural hub for art, music, and architecture. Despite the capital’s heavy-set classical atmosphere, there are exquisite gastronomic delights in almost every corner.

I am a self-proclaimed Sushi-an, due to my love for this Japanese dish and wherever I am or whichever city I visit, I embark on a culinary quest to find the most authentic tasting sushi and Japanese experience. So, here are my top three restaurants that prepare authentic, fresh and mouth-watering sushi.


This feel-good restaurant- hence the name Iki which means feeling in Japanese –  wants to be seen more as a Japanese cantine than a traditional sushi restaurant. During the day the more relaxed, upbeat atmosphere offers a casual “cantine” feel, however, in the evening Iki levels up, by offering a casual yet elegant dining experience.

Am Belvedere 1, 1100 Vienna





Situated in the bustling 8th district, Hidori manages to keep a low profile with its unpretentious interior and zero-to-none social media presence, unlike most of the other Japanese restaurants in Vienna. What certainly makes up for its quiet presence is the food. Authentic tasting and fresh Japanese dishes that balance impeccably well with our Western palates. Make sure you go on an empty stomach. The servings are hearty and the menu is definitely not shy of assortment.

Burggasse 89, 1070 Vienna






If you are looking for a full fancy Japanese experience, Unkai is the place. On the 7th floor of the Grand Hotel Wien, you’ll taste incredible Japanese dishes and fresh piquant sushi that you can watch be prepared by the Chef through its open cuisine. The Unkai was honored with two hoods by the most important Austrian gourmet guide Gault Millau in 2010 and also received the Trophée Gourmet for ethnic cuisine.

Kärntner Ring 9, Grand Hotel Wien, 1010 Vienna




If you’d like to gain deeper insight on the history of sushi and read on some interesting FAQ’s, head on to this interesting page that includes everything you ever wanted to know about the art of sushi.



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