About Me

Hello, I’m Coco.

A multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-tasking fun-loving  mother of two. My time is dedicated to  my family and to exploring the world, new tastes and places, the arts, latest fashion trends and recipes. My heart belongs to 3 very different to each other places, Vienna, Athens and Mauritius which is why I started this blog. An increasing number of friends and Instagram followers who have been following my lifestyle and adventures on Social Media kept wanting to know more about my lifestyle, my choices and were eager to get the inside scoop about these 3 of these places, as well as to the other places I travel to . I’m half Mauritian and half Greek, so life is just a global playground for me. Despite my unending fear of flying, I travel to explore and discover new trends and to visit friends and family around the world, which is why my precept has always been “Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we’re here, let’s dance!”.

Love and kisses,


| Living in Vienna 

| Raised in London & Athens 

| World Traveller  

| Foodie

| Partygoer

| Fashionista 

| Urban Living 

After all, my life is SoCoCo!